Managing Learning (in a Matrix Organization)

  • Riko Radojcic


We have a design review of Poopó test chip today. It’s a pretty big deal – a formal review of the test chip that has to be “passed” in order to get the approval, budget, and headcount, to proceed to the next phase. There are altogether three of those: one, called “preliminary review,” to approve the overall content of the test chip before anything is designed; one, “tape-out review,” to approve the final design and layout before the chip is taped out to the foundry; and one, “final review,” to review all the deliverables, including the documentation, and often some of the initial test results. The review today is “tape-out design review” – and is a culmination of many months of my, and several other engineers’, work. This is a half-day meeting where engineers present their structures, and everybody gets to pick at them. The management – Dr Cz and Steve, his VP along with a few other engineering VPs – and all of the design engineers who worked on Poopó, and some of their managers, are here. Looks like 30-odd people.

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