Unidentified Narrative Objects: The Anti-Mafia and No-Global Films as Transmedia Adaptations

  • Fabrizio Cilento


The molecular revolution brought by local free radios in the late 1970s is considered as an incubation for anti-Mafia and No-global movements of the early 2000s. An overview of broadcasting experiments against the state monopolistic system is followed by an analysis of One Hundred Steps and Working Slowly, and the adaptation by Garrone of Saviano’s book Gomorrah. The book unfolds firsthand information to depict Naples’ organized crime operations within the globalized economy, which Garrone interprets in a documentary style, focusing on Camorra foot soldiers. In Diaz. Don’t Clean Up This Blood, Vicari reconstructs events of the 2001 G8 protests, embracing the hyperlink aesthetic characterized by overlapping narrative paths, with several protagonists linked in retrospect through active spectatorship, and mirroring the multimedia environment and convergence culture.

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  • Fabrizio Cilento
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  1. 1.Department of CommunicationMessiah CollegeMechanicsburgUSA

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