The New Left in Iran: A Discourse on Gun and Politics

  • Yadullah Shahibzadeh


In the late 1960, after years of ideological and political preparation the new generation of Iranian communists came to the conclusion that the regime of the Shah had to use extreme violence to hold the people obedient and disconnected from the left, because, after the 1953 coup, the regime was unable to get people’s consent through ideological means. To reconnect with the masses, the Iranian communists had to make themselves visible and the only means for their visibility was the revolutionary violence against the sheer violence of the state. This new communist movement generated a number of theorists who focused on the political consequences of the dominance of a tiny class of comprador bourgeoisie in Iran, the Leninist’s idea of peaceful coexistence between communism and capitalism, and the social compromise between labor and capital in Europe.

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