Iran as Part of Global Communism

  • Yadullah Shahibzadeh


The Iranian communist Sultanzade was one of the authors of the Theses on the National and Colonial Question in the Second Congress of the Third International, which declares the communist movements of the imperialist countries and the liberation movements of the dependent countries as equal allies of an anti-imperialist alliance. The theses remind the European communists that the people of the colonized and dependent countries cannot forget the collaboration of the leaders of the European proletariat with their bourgeoisie in the previous war for maintaining or gaining the rights of enslavement of the colonized and semi-colonized people. Sultanzade argues that because of their role in the production of the raw materials and consuming the end products in the process of global capitalist production and circulation, the colonized people are subjected to double exploitation, which makes them the truest proletarian nations.

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