Clinical Signs

  • Shawn Babiuk


The clinical signs caused by the lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) are highly variable in the severity of disease in both natural outbreaks and in experimental inoculation of cattle. Clinical disease can range from unapparent, mild or moderate to severe form. The factors affecting the wide range of disease are likely to be complex and multifactorial, including the dose of virus inoculate, genetic factors of the host and the virus as well as the immune competence and possibly the age of the host with some studies demonstrating younger animals being more susceptible. With sheeppox and goatpox, younger animals are more susceptible. Clinical signs caused by LSDV were demonstrated to be much more severe in high-producing dairy breeds such as Holstein Friesian cattle compared to indigenous breeds (Davies 1991; Tageldin et al. 2014).


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