Glossary of the Term Fever

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Fever glossary is an alphabetical list of fever terms which include definition and meaning of the vast majority of conditions that are associated with the term fever. Particular attention has been paid for fever titles related to children. It is hoped that this large list of fever terms helps the readers of this book find useful information if they search for a specific term related to fever. It is unlikely that this fever list is available in ordinary medical dictionary.

Fever, from the Latin word “febris” meaning “to warm or heat”, is defined as an abnormal condition of the body characterized by undue rise of body temperature associated with fast pulse causing various disturbance to body functions. Most of these diseases causing such a disturbance of body functions are described in this book.

Clinically, fever is defined as a body temperature of 1 °C (1.8 °F) or more above the mean at the site of temperature recording. For example, the range of body temperature at the axilla is 34.7–37.4 °C, with a mean of 36.5 °C: 1 °C above the mean is 37.5 °C, which is fever as measured in the axilla. Fever measured rectally is a temperature of ≥38.0 °C.


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