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Benign Liver Tumours

  • James PapeEmail author
  • Charles Imber


Benign liver tumours represent a significant proportion of the work of liver surgeons and hepatologists. Some of these are comparatively easy to manage, whilst others can be difficult to differentiate from malignant disease or have malignant potential, e.g. hepatocellular adenomas. This being the case, to have a body of professionals with experience in managing these, in particular experienced liver surgeons, physicians, radiologists and liver histopathologists, is vital to pursuing the right course of management and doing no harm, e.g. from unnecessary liver biopsies or surgical interventions. This chapter seeks to describe an approach to the management of the more common benign liver tumours including hepatocellular adenomas, haemangiomas, focal nodular hyperplasia and hepatic cysts.


Hepatocellular adenoma Haemangioma Focal nodular hyperplasia Benign liver cysts 


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