Flexible Endoscopic Approaches and Novel Therapy for Zenker Diverticulum

  • Ryan Law
  • Todd H. BaronEmail author


Transoral treatment of Zenker diverticula was popularized in the late 1990s. The adverse outcomes of open procedures were mitigated by these midline, transoral procedures. In some patients, rigid endoscopy used to expose the diverticulum is too difficult due to anatomical restrictions such as small oral aperture and cervical extension abnormalities. Flexible endoscopic transoral techniques have evolved to allow treatment of these patients and can be utilized for patients without these anatomic restrictions as well. There is a learning curve associated with the flexible technique, and many of the instruments are not familiar to surgeons performing more standard open and rigid endoscopic techniques. The procedure is safe and efficacious when compared to rigid endoscopic approaches.


Flexible Endoscopic Myotomy Zenker Cricopharyngeal myotomy 


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