Endoscopic Staple Diverticulostomy for Zenker Diverticulum

  • William J. RichtsmeierEmail author
  • Richard L. Scher


Endoscopic treatment of Zenker diverticulum became more readily accepted with the descriptions of the use of the Endo GIA stapler to divide and “seal” the common wall between the esophagus and the diverticulum. This technique creates an esophagodiverticulostomy and has consistently led to relief of patient symptoms with decreased rates of complications as compared to other endoscopic approaches. Treatment of Zenker diverticulum with endoscopic staple diverticulostomy offers the ability for patients to have rapid convalescence with resumption of regular diet in most cases. This chapter will discuss the surgical technique, expected outcomes, and possible complications of this approach while comparing ESD to other endoscopic approaches.


Endoscopic Zenker Diverticulum Staple Weerda Esophagodiverticulostomy 


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