Consumer Attitudes During Periods of Economic Downturn: Embodying Responsible Behaviors

  • Maria SarmentoEmail author
  • Mercedes Galan-Ladero
  • Susana Marques
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This study addresses consumer attitudes towards PLs and NB promotions during recessions. The research adopts a mixed method approach, combining interviews and a survey applied to consumers in a context of economic crisis. The results show that economic contractions change consumer behavior, highlighting the consumers’ rational dimension. They also establish bases for structural learning. Consumers assumed that the crisis helped them to become more economically and socially responsible, assuming an intention to maintain rational and responsible behaviors in a post-recession stage.


Private labels National brands Consumer behavior 


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  • Maria Sarmento
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    Email author
  • Mercedes Galan-Ladero
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  • Susana Marques
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  1. 1.Nova School of Business and EconomicsLisbonPortugal
  2. 2.Open University Business SchoolMilton KeynesUK
  3. 3.University of ExtremaduraBadajozSpain
  4. 4.University of AveiroAveiroPortugal

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