An Experimental Study on Intelligent Kitchen Appliances’ Interface Information Preference Based on Visual Characteristics of the Elderly

  • Tian-yu WuEmail author
  • Yi-qian Zhao
  • Ya-jun Li
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Objective By summarizing the visual characteristics of the elderly and intelligent kitchen appliances, and combing with the methods of experimental psychology and evaluation of Kansei engineering image, this thesis objectively designed the visual test of the interface information of intelligent kitchen appliances for the elderly in order to provide the design reference and experimental methods for the subsequent interface visual design of intelligent product. Methods The visual tests board was used to obtain the sample material of preference experiment. By using the paired comparison method from psychology experiment methods, this thesis obtained the preference rank by the testee towards the experimental samples twice, then the preference rank was sorted for POZ score conversion to obtain the quantitative preference data. Finally, SPSS statistical software was used to analyze the preference experiment data, in order to summarize the preferences of the elderly on the color information and figure information of the kitchen appliance interface. Conclusion Based on the conclusion of the visual preference experiment, the interface information design strategy of intelligent kitchen appliance was concluded on the basis of the visual preference of the elderly, which provided design guidance for subsequent intelligent product interfaces GUI compliant to the preference of the elderly.


The elderly Visual characteristics Intelligent kitchen appliances Interface design Preference experiment 



This study is supported by the Project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China (Project No. 16BSH127).


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