Evaluation and Analysis of the Features and Applications of 3D Model Platforms

  • Chia-Ling ChangEmail author
  • Siou-Wen Wang
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As the 3D printer technology has been enhanced, 3D printers are more affordable and popularized. With the concepts of crowdsourcing, open source and sharing, 3D model platforms have become the highlight of the next wave of 3D printing industry. There are numerous articles on 3D printing technology, hardware and equipment, and materials. However, few articles deal with the topic of 3D model platforms for in-depth investigation. In this study, contents of those models that are available on 7 well-known 3D model platforms and their website functions are evaluated. The evaluation includes 4 primary dimensions which include website description, model file information, website function, and social interaction. These four dimensions are further classified into 22 items for the cross-verification of 3D model platforms. The application features of each 3D model platforms are identified. In addition, the three challenges for the future development of 3D model platforms are concluded as follows. (1) Insufficient format information of the file for download. (2) Unclear intellectual property (IP) licensing status of model files. (3) Security vulnerability of file information.


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This study received partly financial support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, under Grant No. MOST 106-2221-E-143-004.


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