Phase 2: Evaluate the Context

  • Livio Moretti
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Producing a dazzling amount of data and employing large teams to process them, sadly, does not always translate into better business decisions, often this unsurprisingly draws scrutiny. First and foremost, leaders need to distinguish the tree from the forest, streamline the activity and focus on the analysis that really matter.

This chapter explains which are the few but useful analysis that should be conducted on the Transactional Data, the core piece of information possessed by each company. Via multiple frameworks it shows how the analysis should be performed and how they can be used for decision making.

You will draw a high definition picture of past pay-outs performance and Policy efficiency, anticipate Channel reactions to T&C changes, test current processes and compliance and assess if the policy is consistently applied. In other words you will quantify Revenue Leakages. You will also have a methodology to run a Diagnostic of the company’s Distribution Management Maturity and identify areas of improvement. You will be able to set sails of an engaging debate with all stakeholders. You will be praised for being able to bring a rational undisputable fact-based perspective and point at the Commercial Policy elements that scream for change.

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