Wear of Composites

  • Antonio Contreras Cuevas
  • Egberto Bedolla Becerril
  • Melchor Salazar Martínez
  • José Lemus Ruiz


This chapter includes an extensive review of the fundamental science aspects of tribology, focusing mainly on wear and friction of metal matrix composites (MMCs), specifically those made from light alloys and reinforcements of ceramic materials. In addition, this chapter deals with some fundamental aspects in the study of the wear of materials taking into account the different factors on wear rate of MMC, such as normal applied load, sliding speed, quantity, size, and shape of reinforcements used in the manufacture of the composites. Finally, some research work done by this working group studied the wear behavior of AZ91E/TiC and AZ91E/AlN composites. For AZ91E/TiC composites it was found that the higher normal load applied the higher weight loss. It is presumed that higher load causes fractures and debonding of reinforcing particles increasing wear. For AZ91E/AlN composites fabricated by the stir casting process adding 10, 15, and 20 vol.% AlNp, the wear behavior was evaluated. Additionally, some effects of heat treatments applied to MMC on the wear resistance were evaluated.


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    • 1
  • Egberto Bedolla Becerril
    • 2
  • Melchor Salazar Martínez
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  • José Lemus Ruiz
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