Little Big Choices: Customization in Online User Experience

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  • Maria Reis
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Customization can be a decisive factor in improving online user experience. It is a procedure that allows users to get involved with an interactive system to obtain results that better match their needs. These results are achieved through a co-design process. To establish the importance of customization in this context, we developed a design project for online customization of lacrosse equipment for Ativo brand. It was intended for users to create their own lacrosse equipment, with the possibility of adapting them to their tastes and requirements. For the tool to become viable it was necessary to consider several interaction tasks. Screens were designed, first trough 11 wireframes and later through 194 visual layouts. The project was evaluated with usability tests, using a support questionnaire to verify tasks were effectively fulfilled. The result is a tool which allows wide customization of various options related to these products, their implementation on the brand website and improvement of its user experience.


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The authors would like to thank the funding support by the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal under the project UID/EAT/04008/2013 (CIAUD).


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