Research on Interaction Design of Somatosensory Games Based on User Experience - A Case Study of Cervical Spine Health Somatosensory Games

  • Zhi WangEmail author
  • Yangshuo ZhengEmail author
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Internet medical is a new application of Internet technology in the medical field. With the human-computer interaction technology-oriented, people-centered experience design more reflected in the Internet medical industry. More traditional medical devices, more now is to promote the use of new science and technology as relying on the combination of user-centered service design concept to solve the patient’s physical illness. Therefore, based on the experience of somatosensory game, this article will focus on the service design and practice of cervical spondylosis medical services, and makes bold prediction on the intelligent closed-loop feedback-based health management information exchange system of internet medical data. In the traditional rehabilitation medical treatment, there still exist many problems such as asymmetric information between doctors and patients, unbalanced supply and demand between rehabilitation physicians and patients, and the status quo. Based on the innovation of man-machine interaction mode, the amusement and sports of somatosensory game medical treatment are continuously improved, and the interaction between somatosensory and user interaction is also more and more. Driven by this, somatosensory games provide more choices and support for medical rehabilitation. By using somatosensory devices instead of traditional rehabilitation exercises, Internet medical services can provide huge benefits in terms of medical costs and alleviating the imbalance between supply and demand help. At the same time relying on somatosensory game as a media point of contact to better reflect the user in the course of easy to learn, friendly and entertaining, patients experience through somatosensory gaming experience have contributed to the medical service system design forward.


User experience Somatosensory game design Cervical health care Interactive design 



This paper was supported by the research project from Chinese National social science fund “4D evaluation model research and application of information interaction design (16CG170)”.


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