Conclusion: The Usefulness of Pauline Texts for the Philosopher—And for the Theologian

  • Ole Jakob Løland
Part of the Radical Theologies and Philosophies book series (RADT)


Paul the Apostle is useful for Žižek’s imaginations of a rupture with the status quo. Informed by the Augustinian-Lutheran paradigm, Žižek constructs the image of Paul as an antinomian that can be used to criticize and resist Law in its psychoanalytical as well as political dimensions. While these disruptive energies released through Žižek and other readers in the history of interpretation of the Pauline corpus point to potential meanings of the apostle’s texts, the very same texts also have the capacity to build less antinomian and more wary forms of messianism, reflected in a less revolutionary and more pragmatic politics that reflects a Pauline valorization of law and its purpose: Justice.

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