‘The Titanic Sails at Dawn’: Punk Papers, Class, Youth and Deviance

  • Patrick Glen
Part of the Palgrave Studies in the History of Subcultures and Popular Music book series (PSHSPM)


This chapter analyses how British punk music prompted the music press to reconsider youth, in light of discourse on class and deviance, which again altered narratives of permissive social change. It considers how a punk scene emerged to present journalists with exciting stories full of aggression, attitude and sometimes even violence. The idea of working-class youth acting in a way that transgressed social norms, and encouraged others to get involved in both their music and lifestyle, prompted attempts to mediate punk within a mass market. Music papers did so by reimagining and revitalising the music press’s anti-racist politics and by adopting a more caring approach to readers by admitting that readers emulated musicians by taking drugs and should, therefore, publish strategies to safeguard them.

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