This is the Beginning of a New Age: New Papers, New Editors and the Underground

  • Patrick Glen
Part of the Palgrave Studies in the History of Subcultures and Popular Music book series (PSHSPM)


This chapter covers the early-1970s, it analyses how a broadened remit of music papers to report on extra-musical issues contributed to new ways of writing about music. The chapter describes the influx of new writers, editors and titles that reshaped the music press. It considers the advent of music journalists, who had previously written in the underground press, who brought a mediated version of the underground into the mainstream. It subsequently unpacks the constitution and politics of the ‘rock community’—a shorthand for young people who were invested in popular music and read music papers. Finally, the chapter explores anxieties about concert-going that culminated in the Isle of Wight Festival and an attempt by Conservative MPs to legislate against any overnight festivals.

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