On the Brink of Civil War: April 1957 to March 1959

  • Preston Jordan Lim


This chapter examines the conduct of counter-insurgency operations from March 1957 to March 1959, the latter date marking the official termination of hostilities. This chapter contends that the EOKA switched tactics during this time period; by killing Greek Cypriot leftists and Turkish Cypriots, the EOKA forced the Security Forces to focus on the restoration of public order, thereby providing the EOKA with breathing space. This chapter examines the evolution of Turkish Cypriot opinion during this time period, commenting on the growth of two organizations—Volkan and the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT). With General Kenneth Darling’s assumption to the role of Director of Operations, the Security Forces were able to resume the offensive again, though they met with less success than Darling contended.


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