25 Cold-Water Corals and Mud Volcanoes: Life on a Dynamic Substrate

  • Andres RüggebergEmail author
  • Anneleen Foubert
Part of the Coral Reefs of the World book series (CORW, volume 9)


Mud volcanoes are prominent features in distinct areas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Cádiz. Cold-water corals use these elevated structures as substrate and develop coral reefs during periods of suitable environmental conditions. So far, this partnership has only been reported from the Alborán Sea and the Gulf of Cádiz, where they occurred during the Bølling-Allerød to early Holocene and during the mid to late Holocene.


Cold-water corals Mud volcanoes Substrate availability Environmental control 



This study has been developed as part of the SNF-funded project 4D-Diagenesis@Mound (SNF project n° 200021–149247). We are grateful to the editors and both reviewers Dr. Luis Pinheiro and Dr. Claudia Wienberg for very helpful and constructive comments to improve the manuscript. We dedicate this study to Jean-Pierre Henriet (1945–2017) for his influence and visionary work steering interdisciplinary research on cold-water corals and mud volcanoes.


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