Command and Control Collaboration Sand Table (C2-CST)

  • Bryan L. CroftEmail author
  • Crisrael LuceroEmail author
  • David NeurnbergerEmail author
  • Fred GreeneEmail author
  • Allen QiuEmail author
  • Roni HigginsEmail author
  • Eric GustafsonEmail author
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A Command and Control (C2) display system using the Microsoft HoloLens and the Intelligent Multi-UxV Planner with Adaptive Collaborative Control Technologies (IMPACT) has been developed as a demonstration of a new advanced user interface. This allows for human-to-human-to-machine collaboration for situational awareness, decision making, and C2 planning and execution of simulated multi-unmanned heterogeneous autonomous vehicles. The advanced user interface allows multiple operators to collaborate across a shared holographic sand table and control multiple vehicles. Multiple networking frameworks were used to offload the computation of vehicle autonomy and planning algorithms to allow the HoloLens to run efficiently for an improved user experience. Additionally, the concept of pseudo-classified information filtering allows for tiers of classification levels for each HoloLens user derived from a ‘need-to-know’ classification basis.


Command and Control Augmented reality Mixed reality Microsoft Hololens User interfaces Natural user interface Gaze Gesture Voice Unity3D Collaboration Classification filtering 


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