Outsourcing and Reshoring

  • Adriana Calvelli
  • Chiara Cannavale


Outsourcing activities to international third parties is a way to implement international development strategies. More specifically, it is a way to implement internationalization strategies for expansion when outsourcing is done in markets culturally close to the domestic ones, and for diversification when outsourcing is carried out on markets distant from the domestic ones. However, outsourcing is not always a first best choice, and more and more firms are revising their strategies and deciding for back- or re-shoring. This chapter discusses the factors firms should take into account in their outsourcing decision, and highlights the main risks connected to this choice.


Outsourcing Re-shoring Back shoring Cost saving Outsourcing risks 


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  • Adriana Calvelli
    • 1
  • Chiara Cannavale
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  1. 1.Parthenope University of NaplesNapoliItaly

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