Teaching Communication Strategies in Social Networks for Computer Science Students

  • Pamela HermosillaEmail author
  • Nicole Boye
  • Silvana Roncagliolo
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10913)


Nowadays, web technology has changed drastically by positioning itself as an interactive, dynamic and very important in people’s life, which is why it has become a fundamental tool in social media and communication. As professors of Computer Science (CS) students, we have seen the need to encourage the development of “soft” skills in the learning process of future engineers, such as communication, which represents a major challenge in the field of engineering. The purpose of our study was to introduce to university students of CS, how to incorporate communication techniques when using social media networks as an effective communication tool. The study aims to show that it is not enough to know the current social media networks, but rather requires targeted communication strategies for this type of media. In this way, it involved CS undergraduate students who participate in an optional course called “Strategies of communication and diffusion in computer projects” and another group that have the same level of curriculum in the same career, but they have not internalized in the techniques of communication oriented to social media. As mentioned above, the opinion of both groups and the perception of how they can use properly communication skills for their future work are presented, and indicating the need to incorporate this ability as part of the learning process in CS students.


Social media Communication strategies Computer Science (CS) students Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 



We thank all the students involved in this case of study. They provided useful opinions that allowed us to prepare this article and could be the beginning of other related studies.


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