The Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-food

  • Kateřina Ciampi StančováEmail author
  • Alessio CavicchiEmail author


The objective of this chapter is to inform the community of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners about the dynamics of setting up the Thematic Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-food, and to provide information about its functioning and governance. The chapter outlines the milestones of the process and the main achievements. At the same time, the chapter proposes the steps to be followed by policy-makers and regional officers who are motivated to lead, support and actively contribute to thematic partnerships within the Thematic Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-food. Finally, it discusses specific cases of existing partnerships and describes the motivations and objectives of the regions that decided to embark on the journey towards establishment of specific partnerships through this Thematic Platform.


Smart specialisation RIS3 strategies Thematic Smart Specialisation Platform on Agri-food Scoping note Quadruple Helix 


  1. Cavicchi, A., & Ciampi Stancova, K. (2016). Food and Gastronomy as Elements of Regional Innovation Strategies. European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Spain. EUR 27757 EN.

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