Thinking Transformation of Traditional Animation Creation Based on the Virtual Reality Presentation

  • Yue ZhouEmail author
  • Yunpeng XuEmail author
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With to the advent of the new media era and the promotion of virtual reality technology, the thinking pattern of traditional animation creation is no longer completely appropriate for the need of social development. Both the animation’s artistic context and its communicational mode have undergone profound changes. Based on the connotation of animation creation and the comprehensive influence of the new media’s form and environment, this paper analyzes the existing theoretical foundation of creation and the analysis of the characteristics of virtual reality technology, and studies how traditional animation in the period of new media representation can make use of virtual reality to realize the idea innovation and the transformation of creative thinking, and explore the shift of creative thinking and the way of describing stories from the perspectives of subject, script, scene, usage of lens, viewpoint selection, transfer mode, etc. The paper also indicates how to seize the scale of interaction and the communication of the subject.


Virtual reality Traditional animation creation Thought of traditional animation 


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