Fidelity, Jealousy and Betrayal

  • Floriana Irtelli


This chapter explores the phenomenon of divorce. Some interesting data are summarized: in the UK, couples’ cohabitation lasts for up to two years, on average, and 40% of marriages end in divorce. In the USA, this percentage rises to 50%. Reflecting on these statistics, the chapter illustrates a number of theories on loyalty, and analyzes in depth how social networks, initially created to facilitate interpersonal communication, often represent a “double-edged sword”, as shown by several scientific studies. Various psychoanalytic theories about betrayal are described (such as Freud’s hypothesis), along with several reflections and examples. This chapter also explores how marriage is almost regarded as a lease: if at some point we feel happier elsewhere, why not move on? Why shouldn’t we withdraw? Today, the “value of temporariness”, in which everything is fragmented, is exalted. On the other hand, is it wrong to deny the natural ebb and flow of human feeling?


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  • Floriana Irtelli
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