Total Gastrectomy

  • Luke V. Selby
  • Vivian E. Strong


This chapter describes the robotic gastrectomy procedure, including patient selection, setup, all surgical steps including D2 lymphadenectomy and Roux-en-Y reconstruction, and postoperative care. Surgeons with little experience with robotic gastrectomy should initially operate on patients without significant comorbidities, with small tumors, and with normal BMI and intestinal histology. The most common major complication is a leak of the esophagojejunal anastomosis. No data on the long-term oncologic outcomes of robotic gastrectomy are yet available (clinical trials are ongoing), but it provides the same advantages over open gastrectomy of any minimally invasive approach: shorter hospital stays and lower intraoperative blood loss. Though robotic procedures are associated with greater cost, it may be warranted in settings with sufficient surgical volume, and robotic equipment will likely become less expensive as technology advances.


Minimally invasive surgery Robotic surgery Robotic gastrectomy Total gastrectomy Surgical complications 


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