Applied Neuroanatomy of the Face and Head

  • Chelsey Smith
  • James Y. SuenEmail author


Comprehensive knowledge of the neuroanatomy of the head, neck, and face is paramount to the treatment of pain located in these areas. In the arenas of both otolaryngology and neurosurgery, we encounter these nerves and their landmarks daily just by the nature of our surgical expertise, and this becomes a valuable tool when evaluating and treating the facial and head pain patient. When facial and head pain is seen through the lens of anatomy rather than the serpentine tunnel of conditions of chronicity, the assessments and plans become more efficient and concise. It can even eliminate the use of imaging modalities, including ultrasound (often used to aid in finding peripheral nerves for nerve injections). Knowing the nerve anatomy can help the physician determine the nerves which may be triggering the patient’s pain or headache on the initial visit.


Neuroanatomy Trigeminal nerves Upper cervical plexus nerves Greater occipital nerves Trigger points 


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