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Sacral Dorsal Rhizotomy and Sacral Anterior Root Stimulation in Neurogenic Patients: The Brindley Procedure

  • Frank M. J. MartensEmail author
  • John Heesakkers


The Brindley procedure combines two procedures for management of multiple organ dysfunction by controlling not only micturition but also defecation and erections in males. Firstly, sacral anterior root stimulation (SARS) of efferent nerves enables micturition, defecation, and erections. Secondly, a dorsal rhizotomy treats detrusor overactivity, prevents detrusor-external sphincter dyssynergia during stimulation, and diminishes autonomic dysregulation by transecting afferent nerves. The technique, selection of patients, and clinical results are discussed in this chapter.


Neurogenic bladder Neurogenic detrusor overactivity Brindley procedure Sacral anterior root stimulation Rhizotomy 


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