Threat Displacement Instead of Threat Eradication: Some Concluding Caveats

  • Peter Lehr
Part of the Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications book series (ASTSA)


In this brief concluding chapter of the book’s second part, I will offer a couple of warnings or ‘caveats’ before moving on to the more fundamental discussion of the merits and demerits of using technology as a sliver bullet against terrorism in the third part. First of all, I argue that the introduction of available technologies, especially off-the-shelf solutions, has been a rather slow and tedious one. Secondly, I argue that all the security measures discussed do not completely eradicate the threat posed by terrorists: they rather displace it to areas just outside the defence perimeters. And thirdly, I point out that some attacks simply cannot be prevented as long as we are not prepared to deploy plenty of sniffers, scanners and other detection devices all over the city.


Threat eradication Threat displacement ‘Landside’ attacks Knife attacks Function creep 

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