General Definitions, Concepts and Relations of Macroscopic Electrodynamics

  • Eugene I. Nefyodov
  • Sergey M. Smolskiy
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For your own acquaintance with our lecture course, you are starting by considering the main fundamental definitions and concepts (Sect. 1.1) of classical macroscopic electrodynamics. Under macroscopic electrodynamics, we understand such physical problems where we must analyze obstructions in the path of electromagnetic waves, when physical (not electrical) dimensions of these obstacles significantly exceed the wavelength of an electromagnetic field. In the opposite case: dimensions of the obstacle under consideration are much smaller than a wavelength. The understandable ambiguity of such definitions of macroscopic and microscopic electrodynamics is clear to any student. Therefore, more accurate estimations and definitions are discussed later in the book (see Chap.  4), when we describe the influence of electromagnetic fields upon the micro-particles (electrons, protons, atoms, ions, molecules etc.).


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