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  • Sonja Boon
  • Lesley Butler
  • Daze Jefferies


Reflecting on experiences of homesickness, this chapter explores ideas of longing, home, place, and identity through encounters with land and sea. It interrogates islandness and island identity, looking in particular at the intricate dynamics of colonialism, history, and belonging in Newfoundland. Following the work of Vicki Hallett, Jennifer Bowering Delisle, Ursula Kelly, and Susan M. Manning, this chapter highlights Indigenous histories in an effort to challenge Newfoundlanders’ white settler identity, which relies on the active erasure of long Indigenous presence on the island, and on settler claims to indigeneity. This chapter argues for a more complicated engagement with island identity, one that is attentive to the complex relationships between past, present, and future.


Islandness Identity Belonging Colonialism Self-indigenization 


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