Water Sports

  • Michael Stachowitsch


Lying in the sun all day is downright deadly says the dermatologist. Reading, eating, and drinking seldom fill out a full vacation. Beating the boredom means getting into action, and this means sports. There are at least 100 different physical activities that are practiced on, in, and under the water, not to mention on the beach, and modern marketing strategies mean that each has its full array of tailored gear and apparel. And, because most folks come back out of the water with fewer pieces of equipment than they originally waded in with, it should come as no surprise that water sports leave behind lots of robust marine debris (i.e., specifically designed to withstand the elements). If you are lucky, you’ll find perfectly intact gear, maybe a nice surfboard, and will have bagged a “Big 10” valuable or desirable item. What a great way to get free stuff and reduce marine debris at the same time!


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