PET/CT in Assessment of Sarcoidosis

  • Ashwini Kalshetty
  • Pradeep Thapa
  • Sandip Basu
Part of the Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide Hybrid Imaging book series (CGRHI)


Sarcoidosis is a multi-systemic disease of unknown aetiology with a unique set of diagnostic and management related challenges. PET/CT has been studied extensively for assessing the sites of inflammatory activity and extent of disease. 18FDG PET/CT imaging is a non-invasive tool to assess disease activity, localize occult sites, increases the yield of biopsy, helps in optimizing treatment and detection of relapse. As FDG accumulation is non-specific to the disease process, PET CT can only serve to give complimentary information. With recent availability of many new PET tracers, it may be possible to individualize and optimize treatment; however, larger prospective trials are required to establish their utility. The role of newer technologies like PET/MR and newer tracers (eg. Somatostatin receptor agonists) are exploratory at this time point.


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