Diagnostic Histopathology Approach

  • Giulio Rossi
  • Moira Ragazzi
  • Alberto Cavazza
Part of the Current Clinical Pathology book series (CCPATH)


The mediastinum is a complex thoracic region containing numerous vital structures of different cell differentiation (ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm) and possibly generating benign and malignant lesions leading to life-threatening conditions. Facing with mediastinal masses often represents a diagnostic challenge for generalist pathologist. A morphology-based approach consisting of six main pattern recognitions, namely, (1) epithelioid cell, (2) spindle cell, (3) small-cell, (4) clear-cell, (5) fibroinflammatory-looking, and(6) cystic patterns, is here proposed as a practical approach to mediastinal masses.


Mediastinum Thymus Thymoma Immunohistochemistry Cyst Neuroendocrine 


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