Mediastinal Masses: Radiological Point of View

  • Alfonso Reginelli
  • Anna Russo
  • Fernando Scala
  • Elisa Micheletti
  • Roberta Grassi
  • Mario Santini
  • S. Cappabianca
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Mediastinal masses are relatively uncommon. When classic features are present, a presumptive diagnosis can be made with a high degree of confidence based on imaging alone. In many instances, localization and characterization of a mediastinal abnormality using multidetector CT are enough to make a diagnosis. A new scheme of division of the mediastinum, based on cross-sectional imaging, has been developed by the International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (ITMIG) and accepted as the new standard. This new definition plays an important role in the identification and characterization of mediastinal abnormalities, which can often be diagnosed with confidence based on location and imaging features alone.


Mediastinum Mediastinal masses Prevascular compartment Visceral compartment Paravertebral compartment 


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