Nerve Sheath Tumours, Ganglion Tumours and Neurenteric Cysts

  • Konstantinos Konstantinidis
  • Kostas Papagiannopoulos
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Neurogenic tumours of the thorax commonly occur at the posterior mediastinum and affect children and young adults. They currently represent 15–20% of all mediastinal tumours and are benign in most adults in contrast with children where the malignancy rate is as high as 50%. These tumours originate from embryonic neural crest cells and from sympathetic or parasympathetic ganglia. They are generally asymptomatic and discovered most frequently incidentally. Malignant neurogenic tumours are more likely to produce symptoms. Management is complete surgical excision either by open or minimally invasive procedures which offer definite diagnosis and cure.


Mediastinum Neurogenic tumours Ganglia Schwannoma VATS 


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