Kinetics of Chemical Reactions in Foods

  • Romeo T. Toledo
  • Rakesh K. Singh
  • Fanbin Kong
Part of the Food Science Text Series book series (FSTS)


Chemical reactions occur in foods during processing and storage. Some reactions result in a quality loss and must be minimized, whereas others result in the formation of a desired flavor or color and must be optimized to obtain the best product quality. Kinetics is a science that involves the study of chemical reaction rates and mechanisms. An understanding of reaction mechanisms coupled with quantification of rate constants will facilitate the selection of the best conditions of a process or storage, in order that the desired characteristics will be present in the product.

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  • Romeo T. Toledo
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  • Rakesh K. Singh
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  • Fanbin Kong
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  1. 1.Department of Food Science & TechnologyUniversity of GeorgiaAthensUSA

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