Mathematics, Educational Values, and Intellectual Values

  • Shlomo Vinner
Part of the Mathematics in Mind book series (MATHMIN)


In this chapter I emphasize my conception that the mathematics teacher should also be an educator and not simply a person who covers the course syllabus. I discuss the moral value people call “the golden rule.” I also discuss the educational value of procedures. It is important to follow mathematical procedures (like order of operations, algorithms, and so on). However, it is also important to follow procedures in the real world. Some of the procedures are dictated by law. For instance: not driving through a red light. Other procedures are only recommendations. For instance: turning off lights and air conditioning when leaving home. If you do not follow this recommendation the result is financial (not a big deal). It is not disastrous as it would be in case you drove through a red light. At the end of the chapter I point out some intellectual values that can be learned in the mathematics classroom.

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