The Beginning of the Gospel at Philippi

  • Joshua D. Garroway


On the basis of two controversial verses in the Pauline corpus—Galatians 5:11 and Philippians 4:15—Garroway shows that Paul first conceived the gospel midway through his apostolic career, just before his first voyage to Macedonia. In the first stage of his career, Paul preached Christ to Gentiles with the expectation that they would become circumcised upon baptism; hence, his rivals can accuse him of “preaching circumcision” in Galatians 5:11. Then, following an alleged revelation from Christ, Paul began to preach the gospel, which proclaimed the availability of salvation for Gentiles without subjugation to Jewish Law. According to Garroway, Paul preached this scandalous message for the first time in Philippi, which is why Paul, in Philippians 4:15, can describe his departure from Philippi as “the beginning of the gospel.”

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