Data Fragmentation Scheme: Improving Database Security in Cloud Computing

  • Amjad Alsirhani
  • Peter BodorikEmail author
  • Srinivas Sampalli
Conference paper


Cloud computing is a technology that promotes numerous configurable resources in which the data is stored and managed in a decentralized manner. However, as the data is out of the owner’s control, concerns have arisen regarding data confidentiality. Encryption schemes have been proposed to provide users with confidentiality for data stored in a cloud; however, many of these encryption algorithms are weak, enabling data security to be breached simply by compromising a weak encryption algorithm. We propose a combination of encryption algorithms and a distributed system to improve database confidentiality. This scheme distributes the database over the clouds based on the level of security that is provided by the utilized encryption algorithms. We analyzed our proposed system by designing and conducting experiments and by comparing our scheme with existing solutions. The results show that our scheme offers a highly secure approach providing users with data confidentiality and providing acceptable overhead performance.



This work is partially supported by Aljouf University represented by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Canada. The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments.


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