Intraocular Tumor Biopsies

  • Ulrich Spandau
  • Heinrich Heimann


The following chapter describes step-by-step the surgical management of an intraocular tumor biopsy. The chapter contains the surgical management of a transretinal tumor biopsy, a transscleral tumor biopsy, an anterior chamber tumor biopsy, a vitreous biopsy, a chorioretinal biopsy, and last but least an intraocular biopsy in suspected lymphoproliferative disease.


Intraocular tumor biopsies Intraocular tumor Transretinal tumor biopsy Transscleral tumor biopsy Anterior chamber tumor biopsy Chorioretinal biopsy 

Supplementary material

Video 19.1

Transretinal tumor biopsy with 25G cutter and three-way tap inserted into suction line (MP4 25320 kb)

Video 19.2

Hemostasis with cutter when withdrawing the cutter from the retinal wound (MP4 36093 kb)

Video 19.3

Preretinal hemorrhage after removal of the biopsy specimen, cleared with limited vitrectomy (MP4 26319 kb)

Video 19.4

Transscleral tumor biopsy (MP4 10947 kb)

Video 19.5

Iris biopsy of an iris melanoma using Healon and biopsy forceps only (MP4 2532 kb)

Video 19.6

Retino-choroidal biopsy with vitreous cutter and silicone oil tamponade in vitreoretinal lymphoma (MP4 18550 kb)

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