Ultrasound of Common Inflammatory Dermatologic Diseases

  • Ximena WortsmanEmail author


The use of ultrasound can be beneficial in the diagnosis of many inflammatory dermatologic diseases, some of which can be devastating for the quality of life of individuals. This chapter reviews the sonographic characteristics of common inflammatory diseases, with emphasis on the description of ultrasound patterns.


Hematoma ultrasound Seroma ultrasound Abscess ultrasound Edema ultrasound Lymphedema ultrasound Panniculitis ultrasound Morphea ultrasound Cutaneous lupus ultrasound Dermatomyositis ultrasound Psoriasis ultrasound Nail psoriasis ultrasound Acne ultrasound Hidradenitis ultrasound Foreign bodies ultrasound 

Supplementary material

Video 9.1

Abscess (see Fig. 9.2b) (MP4 3439 kb)

Video 9.2

Acne (see Fig. 9.28d) (MP4 3173 kb)

Video 9.3

Hidradenitis Supppurativa multiple and communicating fistulous tracts. Ultrasound (greyscale; transverse view; right axillary region) demonstrates three adjacent and communicating hypoechoic fistulous tracts in cross-sectional view going from cephalad to caudal in the axillary region (see Fig. 9.37) (MP4 3148 kb)


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