Ultrasound of Nail Conditions

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Sonography has proved to be a first-imaging technique for studying nail conditions. This chapter reviews the ultrasound characteristics of common nail conditions and correlates them with their clinical presentations, within a practical approach. Topics include growth and location alterations, congenital entities, inflammatory conditions, and benign and malignant tumors.


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Supplementary material

Video 8.1

Onychocryptosis. Greyscale; transverse view (see Fig. 8.2). (MP4 3257 kb)

Video 8.2

Onychocryptosis (color Doppler, transverse view) (see Fig. 8.2) (MP4 3173 kb)

Video 8.3

Retronychia (color Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.5) (MP4 3447 kb)

Video 8.4

Cystic fibrosis (power Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.7) (DOCX 12 kb)

Video 8.5

Nail psoriasis (power Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.12) (MP4 3292 kb)

Video 8.6

Fluid collection (see Fig. 8.16) (MP4 3137 kb)

Video 8.7

Glomus tumor (proximal location) (power Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.18) (MP4 3123 kb)

Video 8.8

Glomus tumor (proximal location) (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.18) (MP4 3245 kb)

Video 8.9

Glomus tumor (proximal location) (color Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.19) (MP4 3124 kb)

Video 8.10

Glomus tumor (proximal location) (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.19) (MP4 3156 kb)

Video 8.11

Glomus tumor (proximal location) (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.20) (MP4 3193 kb)

Video 8.12

Glomus tumor (distal location) (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.20) (MP4 3213 kb)

Video 8.13

Onychomatricoma (greyscale longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.25) (MP4 3094 kb)

Video 8.14

Onychomatricoma (power Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.27) (MP4 3172 kb)

Video 8.15

Granuloma (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.31) (MP4 3134 kb)

Video 8.16

Telangiectatic granuloma. (color Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.32) (MP4 2097 kb)

Video 8.17

Telangiectatic granuloma (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.32) (MP4 2112 kb)

Video 8.18

Subungual exostosis (power Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.35) (MP4 3112 kb)

Video 8.19

Synovial cyst (power Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.38) (MP4 3197 kb)

Video 8.20

Squamous cell carcinoma (greyscale, transverse view) (see Fig. 8.40) (MP4 3345 kb)

Video 8.21

Squamous cell carcinoma (echoangiogram, transverse view) (see Fig. 8.40) (MP4 3187 kb)

Video 8.22

Melanoma (color Doppler, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.41) (MP4 3314 kb)

Video 8.23

Melanoma. (echoangiogram, longitudinal view) (see Fig. 8.41) (MP4 3280 kb)


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