Common Applications of Ultrasound in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Procedures

  • Ximena WortsmanEmail author


This chapter reviews applications of ultrasound such as the detection of photoaging and frequent complications of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Currently, ultrasound is a first-line imaging technique for the identification and management of these aesthetic procedures. Given the worldwide explosive growth of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, this chapter may help in dealing with these entities, which sometimes can be powerful simulators of other dermatologic conditions.


Ultrasound cosmetics Ultrasound aesthetics Ultrasound plastic surgery Ultrasound fillers Ultrasound tensor threads Ultrasound hyaluronic acid Ultrasound silicone oil Ultrasound radiofrequency Ultrasound cryolipolysis Ultrasound photoaging Ultrasound abdominoplasty Ultrasound liposuction Ultrasound blepharoplasty 


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