Ultrasound of Frequent Dermatologic Infections and Infestations

  • Marcio Bouer
  • Ximena WortsmanEmail author


This chapter reviews the ultrasonographic appearance of common dermatologic infections and infestations and illustrates sonographic signs that may support the differential diagnosis of these entities. Though some of these conditions are more frequently seen in tropical countries or rural regions, they can be detected worldwide because of travel and immigration.


Wart ultrasound Plantar wart ultrasound Digital ultrasound wart Mycetoma ultrasound Actinomycetoma ultrasound Eumycetoma ultrasound Phaeohyphomycosis ultrasound Hyalohyphomycosis Leishmaniasis ultrasound Leprosy ultrasound Cutaneous tuberculosis ultrasound Scrofuloderma ultrasound Scrofula ultrasound Myiasis ultrasound Dermatologic ultrasound Skin ultrasound 

Supplementary material

Video 10.1

Plantar wart (see Fig. 10.2c) (MP4 3411 kb)

Video 10.2

Two plantar warts (see Fig. 10.3c) (MP4 3555 kb)


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