Inflammasome in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Diseases

  • Fengying Xu
  • Zongmei Wen
  • Xueying Shi
  • Jie FanEmail author
Part of the Experientia Supplementum book series (EXS, volume 108)


Lung diseases are common and significant causes of illness and death around the world. Inflammasomes have emerged as an important regulator of lung diseases. The important role of IL-1 beta and IL-18 in the inflammatory response of many lung diseases has been elucidated. The cleavage to turn IL-1 beta and IL-18 from their precursors into the active forms is tightly regulated by inflammasomes. In this chapter, we structurally review current evidence of inflammasome-related components in the pathogenesis of acute and chronic lung diseases, focusing on the “inflammasome-caspase-1-IL-1 beta/IL-18” axis.


Inflammasomes Infectious pulmonary diseases Lung injury Smoking Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 


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