Ethical Positions and Decision-Making

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The first part of this chapter introduces elements of professional and business ethics, followed by definitions of various approaches to decision-making and thinking, including critical and creative thinking. This prepares the reader for a critical approach toward evaluating messages projected through the screen. The second part provides a concise yet relevant summary of moral agency, ethical dilemmas, applied ethics, and normative ethical approaches such as Virtue Ethics, Deontological (Duty) Ethics and Teleological (Consequentialist) Ethics. The ethical approaches are illustrated by discussing the Ford Pinto product safety case from 1977 and the Volkswagen emission scandal from 2015. Film discussions consider the two versions of Insomnia films, namely the original Norwegian film Insomnia (Eric Skjoldberg, 1997) and its American remake Insomnia (Christopher Nolan, 2002). We elaborate on the fragility of a moral decision-making, and on different ethical considerations presented in the two films.


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