Pathologic Evaluation of Endoscopic Resection Specimens

  • Qi Sun
  • Qin Huang


Accurate pathologic information in an endoscopic resection specimen of early gastric cardiac cancer dictates the patient management plan and should be acquired through a close collaboration between the endoscopist and the pathologist to determine (1) tumor location, size, and relationship with the esophagogastric junction; (2) presence or absence of ulceration; (3) histopathological type; (4) depth of invasion; (5) lymphovascular and perineural invasion; (6) status of horizontal and vertical margins; (7) other gastric diseases, and (8) distal esophageal lesions.


Stomach Early gastric cancer Cancer Endoscopic submucosal resection Gastric cardia 


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  • Qin Huang
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